Saturday, June 16, 2012

Authentic Cuisine Full of Flavor at Los Angeles Burrito - Alabaster, AL

Have you ever been to one of those places where you knew you just ate something authentic? And it made you smile? Well that is Los Angeles Burrito. Located in Alabaster in an obscure strip mall is a unique Mexican/American restaurant.

You may have driven past it and noticed the beautiful window paintings that are crafted by the owner. Once you walk in you can see even more of the talented Owner Javier Lopez Garcia’s work.

Chicken Sope and Steak Taco
Al Pastor Taco and Chicken Taco
The food has been catered to keep with Authentic Mexican, but still offers Americana cuisine as well. You have the option to try authentic Mexican tacos or the more Americanized version. I prefer (love) the authentic taco that is just simple with your choice of meat, onion and cilantro on a warm, homemade corn tortilla. Squeeze a lime over it right before you eat. Oh me. I could eat five of the steak tacos at once!

Another favorite of mine is the sope. This delightful Mexican savory is a fried masa cake with refried beans, meat, lettuce, and crumbles of queso served on top. The Torta is a whopping sandwich that is filling and quite the tasty lunch or dinner option. There is also a namesake burrito on the menu. My husband tried it. It was really good, and really huge. It is filled with so many things I can’t even recall them all. You will need a big appetite to order this one! There are just so many things I would suggest. Other people have recommended us to try the hamburgers/cheeseburgers. I could go on and on for things to try at Los Angeles Burrito.

There is also a selection of Mexican sodas, Jarritos, and Mexican Coke, which has real sugar (not high fructose corn syrup). Those with a sweet tooth you will want to end your meal with a licuado. It is simple and simply good. Milk, ice and fruit - in flavors like mango, papaya, chocolate, strawberry, pecan, cantaloupe, banana or any fruit in season. We have friends who can’t leave without getting a couple of these for the road home.

 We haven’t gone for breakfast yet, but it is on our list. It has been tempting us since we have been going there. I can only imagine that it will be just as good as what we have had for lunch and dinner.

The Garcia family moved to Alabaster 10 years ago from Los Angeles and have been making their family’s traditional recipes for more than five years at this location.They wanted to share something they love with the area. The family is always kind, and the food is always great. You can't ask for much more than that.

Make a trip to Alabaster, and go have a steak taco or three for me! Visit Los Angeles Burrito on Facebook.
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  1. Yum! Next time I'm out that way, I will definitely stop in for a treat. I like the idea of authentic Mexican food.