Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fun, Flavorful & Fresh: Sounds Good to Me – Homewood, AL

Pinches Tacos
I want to tell you about a place in Homewood. We have been there twice now, and if it were up to my son I think we would be there three times a week just for the steak burritos.

Pinches Tacos has been around for a couple years now, and we kept saying we needed to go there. We finally made it. Now I am regretting that we have missed out on the last couple of years since it has been open.

My husband and I have tried a variety of the tacos, which we have liked because they are seasoned well and tasted very fresh. If you have read my posts you know I am a big fan of soft, homemade corn tortillas so Pinches already had some points there. This last time though I got chicken flautas by recommendation of the cheerful lady taking our order. Most places you think chicken flautas are rolled into tight cigar-like rolls and deep fried with no flavor except grease. Nope. Not here. They were lightly fried and quite large. They were drizzled with sour cream and a little bit of queso. Yum! Writing this makes me want to go back for another order of those. I did share with my husband, and he was very much appreciative of that.
Photos courtesy of Arden Ward

The kiddos had Jarritos to drink (my son got grapefruit and my daughter got pineapple), which are always fun. And I don’t mind them having them on an occasion especially because they are made with real sugar. I think it would be fun to go back and try the adult beverages. I bet they make a mean margarita. In fact, I would like to try the blood orange margarita. Doesn’t that sound yummy?

It truly is a fun environment with great food. We will go back again…and probably real soon. The parking is tricky, but every time we have gone we have lucked up and got a parking spot close.  I can imagine this place is hopping on the weekend nights, and many people walk to Pinches. (Parking is available on both sides of 19th St., and you can park after 4 during the week and all weekend long in Dr. Abroms parking lot.) Even if you have a hard time finding parking, it will be worth it.

I think tacos are the world’s most perfect casual food next to pizza because you can make them healthy or totally break the diet with them. And at Pinches you really can have them healthy…if you choose!

Though our next adventure with Pinches is to try Tamale Tuesdays! We love some tamales so I am pretty excited about trying Pinches’ tamales. And the sopas and the corn and, well you get the picture. There are many things I am looking forward to trying! Get more info about Pinches Tacos. Pinches Tacos on Urbanspoon

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